In these tough economic times, it pays to go with an agricultural company that offers outstanding services at competitive prices. Agri Services of Lebanon offers a variety of services, from custom application of fertilizer and weed control to pasture improvement, equipment rental, walnut hulling & more.

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Custom Application Services

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Dry & Liquid Fertilizer Application

We provide a variety of plant fertilization products for the farm. Our fertilizers are blended to meet specific crop and field needs determined by soil tests.

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Crop Protection

We are always expanding our ability to provide crop protection information and products to farmers in the Ozark area. The proper use of these products have helped our farmers be productive and profitable while supplying high quality, safe food. Delivery and application equipment is continually upgraded to insure proper and precise use of crop protection products.

Pesticide & Herbicide Application

Keep unwanted weeds and pests away from your crops with our extensive selection of name-brand herbicides and pesticides. Although mowing may temporarily appear to do the job, it’s labor-intensive and costly. Mowing doesn’t get to the root of the problem, so let’s talk GrazonNext Herbicide.

Range & Pasture Improvement

Annual and perennial weeds choke forage production, deter grazing, cut carrying capacity and reduce grass hay quality. When these weeds show up, production suffers, making management a must. Reap higher yields with affordable agricultural chemicals. We are committed to providing you with low-cost products and convenient delivery services, all designed to make your work easier.

MPACT® – Grow Stronger, Grow More

Since 1979, multiple research and field tests worldwide have shown Mpact® to promote healthy plant growth, stronger root systems and larger yields. Mpact® reduces nutrient loss, increases microorganisms and encourages the movement of air and water through the soil. It can be added to everything from fertilizer to herbicide, and applied through spray rigs, impregnated dry fertilizer, flood irrigation and more. Our knowledgeable staff at Agri Services of Lebanon can answer any questions you have and help you tailor a program that’s right for your operation. Call Us today to discuss how Mpact® can supercharge your growth!

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Walnut Harvest 2019

Walnut harvest will soon be here. Young and old can be seen picking up walnuts. Back Saver walnut baskets are a big help picking up walnuts no matter your age. Ask us about getting yours.

Money does grow on Trees!

Purchasing black walnuts October 2 thru November 11, 2019. Bring Agri Services of Lebanon your walnuts and we’ll bag and weigh them. You’ll be paid based on hulled weight. Starting price this year is $16.00/cwt pounds (after hulling). Drop off your walnuts between 8am-5pm Mon-Fri, and between 8am-2pm Sat. Call (417) 532-7898 with any questions.

Ask Us About the Durana Advantage

White clover is used extensively throughout the world as a cool season pasture legume. Research has repeatedly shown that adding white clover to grass pastures results in improved animal performance while reducing the need for nitrogen fertilizer application. Durana is a variety of white clover bred to be tougher than others, and much better able to hold up against grazing. Come in today and discuss the Durana advantage.

Introducing… the Weed Wiper

Agri Services of Lebanon is always excited to bring to the community new and updated equipment. We have recently added a Weed Wiper to our equipment line.  The Wiper has the ability to selectively apply herbicides to noxious weeds once they exceed the desirable canopy height.

Many local farmers have fields that are infested with noxious grasses and weeds, one local example of which is Johnsongrass. Once these types of plants get established, it’s very difficult to manage or eliminate them in a forage operation.  That is, without a Weed Wiper. Once Johnsongrass has gained sufficient height above the desirable plants, the Wiper can selectively apply herbicides to eliminate these noxious weeds.  Using a weed wiper gives farmers an additional option to manage infestations of undesirable plants.

Buggy Rentals

If you want to apply your own fertilizer, chemicals, etc, we can help. Rent a buggy from us and handle your own application. We’ll even deliver the chemicals you need right to your field!

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Proud Distributor of Missouri Southern Seeds

Agri Services of Lebanon works with Missouri Southern Seed, a wholesale seed company serving farm and lawn & garden stores throughout the Midwest. Missouri Southern Seed sells high quality forage grasses, legumes, lawn, and wildlife planting seeds of all kinds. If you’re looking for a type of seed we don’t have, we’ll get it for you — Just Contact Us.

Click here to view/download their catalog.

How to Obtain an Accurate Soil Test

  1. Lay out a grid to get accurate results.
  2. Remove sod from test site.
  3. Dig a 6″ hole using a pointed spade and take a 1″ slice from the hole.
  4. Do this 8-10 times from the field, then mix together to make a single sample.